Van Essa Mobilcamping

Now for the Australian #VanLife. VanEssa Mobilcamping Germany was born of the desire to enjoy the freedom to explore the world in your everyday vehicle. Weekdays, like you, your Volkswagen Multivan, Transporter or Caddy works hard. On Weekends, your Volkswagen, with VanEssa, becomes your companion for sports, picnics and overnighting. Holidays and Touring are now a breeze with everything you need at hand, and yet it is still easy to park in town and find out-of-way spots. Made In Germany. Discovering Australia. Germany’s most popular modular cabinet systems are now available in Australia. Designed and manufactured in Bavaria, Germany, we employ the latest high-precision CNC machinery and assembly equipment to ensure your new cabinets are perfectly crafted. With local inventory, spare parts, advice and support, VanEssa helps ensure every journey is a smooth one. Your New Freedom. Everyday. Other Sticker Dimensions 90x32mm Other Sticker Dimensions 55x29.7mm EVERYDAY. WEEKENDS. HOLIDAYS. #vwvanlife #kombilifeaustralia #yournewfreedom #vanessamobilcamping #iLoveVanEssa P. 2 Your New Freedom