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10 Ettalong bakery wins artisan baking award Daniele and Orly Del Castillo The Sasa Bakery Ettalong, Sicilian style artisan bakery in the Ettalong Markets has taken out 2nd and 3rd prizes at the 2020 National Artisan Baking Competition in the Traditional White Sour Dough and Open Gourmet Sour Dough categories. Operated by Daniele and Orly Del Castillo, the couple opened the bakery two years ago specialising in sourdough artisan bread, European pastries and cannoli. Mr Del Castillo was formerly a profes- sional photographer working in Italy while Mrs Del Castillo was a graphic designer spe- cialising in fashion and also working in Italy. They moved to Australia moving to the Coast and baking and selling sour dough bread and cannoli from their home kitchen. They moved into the Ettalong Markets setting up a full bakery and shop in 2018. After 15 years operating as George Brand Terrigal-Toukley, Andre and Samantha Kubecka are re-launching their real estate business as Brand Property and exiting the George Brand Real Estate Group. Mr Kubecka said that during the COVID-19 pandemic when local agencies were forced to lay off employees, Brand Property were actually in a position to employ extra staff to help service their growing business. “Our business has doubled in size over the past four years and during the COVID- 19 while a some of our competitors shut up shop, our staff worked throughout the pandemic.” Mr Kubecka said. Mr and Mrs Kubecka said that re-brand- ing was all about wanting the outside of their business to reflect what they look & feel like on the inside – an innovative, pros- perous and forward-thinking company with a great culture. While they have thrived with the support of their previous franchise group, they now feel that they need to keep up with the industry by presenting something fresh, new and exciting. Working with newly appointed General Manager Andrew Lane and Menace Group -Marketing. Digital.Social’s Kevin Spiteri, the Kubeckas have developed their vision of a smart, progressive and independent real estate brand that is modern, minimal and reflective of the growing and chang- ing needs of the property market on the Central Coast. CONTINUED ON PAGE 15 B U S I N E S S B R I E F S Automated transactions inMYOB and XERO Personal service backed up with 30 years experience Committed to making your business grow Automated transactions inMYOB and XE Personal service backed up with 30 years Committed to making your business grow busine PROBLEM SOL FOR YOUR FOR YOUR BUSINESS PROBLEM SOLVING Our solicitor, Sam Haln, can advise and assist you to get your sponsorship approved for temporary and permanent skilled visas. Some areas of the Central Coast are also eligible for the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme. If you have skills and qualifications in demand in Australia, or wish to join an Australian family member, Sam can assist you in finding and applying for the right visa. Sam also advises and represent clients at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for reviews against visa cancellations and refusals. Taperell Rutledge providing legal services to the Central Coast since 1958. T A P E R E L L R U T L E D G E L A W Y E R S Considering employing a skilled overseas worker? p. 4323 3333 e. Get in touch Major rebrand for George Brand Terrigal Toukley Brand Property General Manager, Andrew Lane with Directors Samantha and Andre Kubecka CENTRAL COAST BUSINESS REVIEW OCTOBER 2020