AVA Annual Conference

AVA Annual Conference | 2018 Conference Handbook | #AVAConference 49 R&X Bojin Stand 119 1 Clanalpine Street Eastwood Sydney NSW 2122 Tel: +61 4137 27823 Email: tommyzyw.zheng@gmail.com Website: www.rxvet.com.au Contact: Tommy Zheng R&X Vet was founded in 2016 and is based in Eastwood NSW. R&X Vet is a designer, manufacturer and master distributor of veterinary surgical products. We work closely with many orthopaedic and veterinary manufactures in China and provide highest quality with flexible, rapid custom design and innovative cost effective distribution. The core products of R&X Vet are focused on orthopaedic implants and disposable packs. R&X Vet has a long association with Bojin Medical, who is the largest provider of surgical power equipment in China for human surgery. R&X Vet is proud to be exclusive master distributor of Bojin Vet products in Australia and has established a service centre in Eastwood, (Sydney), NSW, Australia to provide local quality service and support. Bojin has an extensive line of power equipment to suit many procedures and budgets and also has a line of portable X-Ray equipment and external fixators. Radincon Stand 154, 155 19/176 South Creek Road Dee Why NSW 2099 Tel: 1300 721 734 Email: radsales@radincon.com.au Website: www.radincon.com.au Contact: Jon Marriott Radincon is the specialist imaging supplier to the veterinary industry in Australia and New Zealand. We have imaging solutions including digital x-ray systems, CR and DR, PACS workstations and servers, DICOM viewing software and review workstations. We present quality x-ray hardware, full room systems, portables and mobiles. We have all radiographic supplies, consumables and accessories, ultrasound hardware and accessories complete the range. We provide applications training, education and support for all our products. The range covers all things x-ray and leading medical imaging technology to make us the choice in Australian imaging distributors. We don’t aim to be the cheapest but provide the most reliable and best value for money over the life of the equipment. We’re always happy to take suggestions, improve the product and our service. Contact us - 1300 721 734, radsales@radincon.com.au or www.radincon.com.au Radiographic Supplies Stand 15 50 Lookover Road, Donvale VIC 3111 Tel: +61 3 9870 2219 Email: radiographicsup@optusnet.com.au Website: www.radiographicsupplies.com.au Contact: Garry Todd / Hedley Watkinson Radiographic Supplies has been selling X-ray equipment to veterinarians in Australia for over 22 years. Our product range includes high powered integrated x-ray systems complete with table and tube stand, portable x-ray units and tables. We have a range of dental units – fixed, mobile and hand held. We specialise in DR digital systems with the latest technology. The high powered units we offer are the top selling Summit Innovet systems manufactured in the USA. We have a wide range of Ecoview portable x-ray units including battery units and the very popular new 5kw high output model. We are the sole distributors for the market leading PerkinElmer/ Varex DR digital range and all our digital systems are supplied with the top of the range Metron software with on line specialist technical support. We can arrange x-ray servicing and have a range of accessories including lead protection. We supply quality, affordable equipment with honest advice. REM SYSTEMS Pty Ltd Stand 104, 105 Level 3, Building C, 12-24 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park NSW 2113 Tel: 1800 737 222 Email: customerservice@remsystems.com.au Website: www.remsystems.com.au Contact: Nicolette Newell REM SYSTEMS is the Australian and New Zealand distributor for the Vetscan in-house pathology system. This includes the state-of-the-art VS2 biochemistry and electrolyte analyser, the HM5 haematology analyser, the Vetscan i-Stat and the VS Pro coagulation analyser. The Vetscan range offers several distinct advantages, including minimal hands-on time, minimal maintenance and compact design. REM SYSTEMS offers full support for in-house pathology, including in-clinic staff training, client education and specialist interpretation of results. We also supply powerful, safe and easy-to-use Multi Radiance super-pulsed lasers, and a range of reliable and accurate Pro-Vet centrifuges for veterinary practices. In addition, REM SYSTEMS supplies a wide range of medical products, such as IV accessories, syringes and oncology accessories. ROYAL CANIN Stand 136, 137, 138, 139 PO Box 283 Collins Street West VIC 8007 Tel: 1800 622 969 Email: consumercare.anz@royalcanin.com Website: www.royalcanin.com.au Consumer Care ROYAL CANIN® is a global leader in pet health nutrition. Since its foundation in France in 1968, ROYAL CANIN® has maintained a unique philosophy of putting cats and dogs first through precise and individualised nutrition. Underpinned by science and observation, our innovative nutrition solutions take into account breed, size, age, lifestyle, weight, gender, digestion, health condition and genetic makeup to provide the most effective diet for each cat and dog. As a company that was founded by a veterinarian, we are committed to our partnerships with veterinarians, specialists, breeders, animal nutritionists, scientists and pet owners, all of whom have been fundamental to our success. At all times and in all ways, cats and dogs are at the centre of everything we do at ROYAL CANIN®.