Ray White Urban Springs

Page 8 Water consumption Your PropertyManager will advise you whether you are responsible for the payment of water consumption. Water consumption is billed to the owner however under the lease agreement (unless otherwise stated) the charges are payable by you. You will be sent an invoice generated by RayWhite Urban Springs for the amount billed byWater Corporation for water consumption charges as they arrive and you will need to pay the amount to RayWhite Urban Springs who will forward it to theWater Corporation. Non-payment of water consumption charges is a breach under your tenancy agreement so please ensure that you pay the charges by the due date. Contents insurance Please be aware that the owners’ property insurance does not cover your or your guests’ personal belongings or vehicles and it is in your interest to obtain contents insurance in case of damage, theft or otherwise. If you have a waterbed, be aware that insurance does not usually cover damage caused by the escape of water from a waterbed or damage to the floor joists due to the weight. If you have a water bed you must disclose this to us. Owner’s insurance You should not do anything, or bring anything onto the property, that will adversely affect the Owner’s insurance policy, premiums or ability to make a claim. If the Owner elects to claim on their insurance for damage or repairs that were caused by you or by your visitors, the Owner may require you to pay the excess for the claim. Occupancy Subletting is a breach of the Residential Tenancies Act. This does not apply to visitors who may stay with you for short periods of time. If you wish to have someone move in to share, please contact your PropertyManager. The person who wishes to move in will be required to fill out an application form and provide identification and supporting documentation in the same manner as is normally required for a tenancy application. RayWhite Urban Springs will assess the application and will forward your request to sub-let to the owner. Smoking Smoking is not permitted inside the property. Please note that in unit complexes, the Body Corporate By-Laws generally do not allow smoking in common areas. Pets Unless a pet is specifically approved on your lease, pets will not be allowed without prior approval. Please note that in unit complexes, the Body Corporate By-Laws normally do not allow pets. If your lease agreement permits you to have pets on the property, please bear in mind that this consent is limited to the pet that you have when you move into the property. If you wish to get another pet, either in addition to or in place of the pet you had at the start of the tenancy, you will need to request permission from the owner. Owner’s permission is required for any kind of pet, including birds, fish or other animals. Pet bond If the owner has given permission for you to have any pet that carries parasites on the premises, you will be required to pay an additional pet bond of $260. This bond is for the purpose of fumigation (to eradicate fleas) after you vacate. If you provide us with a receipt (from one of our approved contractors) showing that you have fumigated the property after vacating, the full amount of the pet bond will be refunded to you as soon as practicable. Alternatively, if we arrange for the property to be fumigated, we will provide you with a copy of the invoice and will refund to you the difference (if any) between the charges and the amount of your pet bond. Any damage caused by the animal will be deducted from your security bond. Your safety Your safety in and around the property is of the highest priority. There are a number of situations that place you at risk and we urge you to contact us if you have a concern. Some things to be aware of include: • Exposed wiring • Gas smells • Broken or cracked asbestos • If you feel unsafe in the property for any reason • Tripping hazards, eg lifting carpet or damage to paving and pathways that could cause someone to trip • If you suspect that any plants in the garden are poisonous or that you may be allergic to them • If you need to clean a property with high ceilings or light fittings that are hard to reach, please do so with care and use the appropriate equipment. Alternatively contact your PropertyManager and we will arrange a trades person to attend Blow up or temporary swimming pool Blow up or temporary swimming pools may not be installed at the property. They pose a safety risk, contravene council requirements for pool safety fencing and may cause damage to lawn areas.