Ray White Urban Springs

Page 7 Payment of rent Your lease agreement will specify how often payments must be made, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. It is tenant responsibility to ensure rent is paid in advance and it should be in our trust account before the due date. For your security and safety, the preferred method of rent payment is via DEFT online Payment System. DEFT Payment System is a quick, easy and secure way to pay your rent. Created with you in mind, DEFT offers a range of payment options available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to suit your needs. Please note that some financial institutions may take up to 3 working days to transfer the money into our trust account, therefore it is important you allow for this to ensure the money reaches us before the due date. RayWhite Urban Springs have a ZERO tolerance policy towards non- payment of rent, if you receive a breach notice, do not ignore it. Please contact our office immediately to confirmwhen rent will be paid. Failure to pay rent may risk your current and future tenancies. Please note that we do not accept cash payments or eftpos at our offices. If for any reason you are having difficulty in meeting your payment obligations, please contact your PropertyManager as soon as possible to discuss the situation. Rent reviews Unless a rent review date has been included in your fixed term lease agreement, the rent will not change during the tenancy. If you wish to renew the lease when the first period expires, there may be a rent review. If the rent is going to change you will be advised prior to signing a new lease. If you are on a periodic tenancy, the rent may be increased at intervals of not less than six months and you will receive 60 days written notice of any proposed increase. Notifying of your new address Have your mail redirected by Australia Post so that you knowwhich senders still have your old address. Connecting utilities It is the tenant’s responsibility to have the electricity, gas and telephone connected in your name and to have the account finalised when you vacate. An easy way to arrange for the disconnection and reconnection of your services when you move is to use a service such as www.fastconnect.net.au Or, if you wish to arrange each reconnection yourself, you can phone the utility provider on the numbers below or visit their website. Telephone Telstra 13 22 00 www.telstra.com.au (also has e-cards to notify change of address) Optus 13 33 45 www.optus.com.au Vodafone 1300 650 410 www.vodafone.com.au Power Synergy 13 13 53 www.synergy.net.au Gas Alinta 13 13 58 www.alintagas.com.au Kleenheat 12 31 80 www.kleenheating.com.au This information has been provided in the hope of assisting you settle in to your new house. You should discuss your needs with the provider to ascertain whether their services are suitable for you.