Ray White Urban Springs

Page 18 FAQ My property has just been listed for sale, can they ask me to vacate? If during your tenancy the property is listed for sale, don’t worry! You cannot be asked to vacate if you have a fixed term lease. Regardless of a sale the lease agreement remains in place. Can I put up picture hooks? Do not use blutac or other sticky tape substances. Your tenancy agreement states that you are not permitted to put up picture hooks. If you wish to request permission from the owner to do so, we advise you put your request in writing and with a detailed diagram of where you wish to place the hooks. Your request will be submitted to the owner. How do I organise general maintenance? You can submit a request for maintenance by either emailing your property manager or completing a maintenance request form. This can be done at our reception or we can email this to you. The landlord hasn’t completed maintenance I requested - can I withhold my rent until it is completed? No, you cannot withhold your rent for any reason. It is an offence under the Residential Tenancies Act to do so and you may jeopardise your current and future tenancies by doing so. There are avenues that you can take if you wish to enforce the maintenance issues. You will need to contact the Department of Commerce. What do you check during a Property Inspection? The purpose of a routine Property Inspection is to ensure that you are properly looking after the property and determine if there is any routine maintenance to be carried out. When conducting a routine inspection, the PropertyManager will assess the condition of both the interior and exterior of any property and examine in detail any item you request them to look at for possible maintenance. It is a good idea to give the Property Manager a list of items you want checked in writing, prior to the inspection day or left in a prominent place on the premises. Digital media will be used to record the inspection. I am having trouble paying my rent - what should I do? Contact your PropertyManager immediately. They will be able to help you assess the situation and take steps to get your rent back on track. Whether the payment difficulty is a once off or you think you may have difficulty for a period of time, your PropertyManager needs to know so they can advise the owner. What if I can’t be home on the inspection day? You are not required to be present for the inspection. We will stipulate whether we will attend in the morning or the afternoon. If you wish to be present, contact the Property Manager as soon as possible after receiving notice of the inspection to discuss an alternative time. I can’t be there for the inspection but my dog will be in the backyard, is this okay? Remember that your PropertyManager needs to be able to access all areas of the property for the inspection. If you have a dog, it will need to be secured so that the PropertyManager can conduct the inspection safely and easily. If you think that this may be a problem, contact your PropertyManager as soon as possible before the inspection day to discuss the matter. Am I allowed to get a pet after I move in? Please contact your PropertyManager requesting permission and specify the pet breed, age and any other relevant details. A pet can be obtained and kept at the property only with the permission of the owner in writing. If approved by the owner a pet bond of $260 will be payable. What if there is no landline or TV aerial? There is no guarantee that an internet connection or landline is available. It is up to the tenant to make enquiries as to the availability of these. It is tenant responsibility to arrange connection and make payment. Likewise, if there is no existing TV antenna at the property the owner may decline a request to install one. Please keep in mind that if you decide to install a TVA antenna you will first require owners permission as you are making changes to the property. Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q A A A A A A A A A A