Ray White Urban Springs

Page 17 Remember that you will be responsible for paying rent until all of the keys and any security remotes are returned to our office. We recommend getting started early if you intend to vacate the property. Packing often takes longer than anticipated and if you are behind schedule you may cause yourself undue stress and extra costs. Please refer to the section on security bonds for information on how your bond is returned to you. MOVINGDAY Following this checklist will help to ensure that you are refunded your bond in full and without delay. Read through the Property Condition Report that you received at the beginning of the tenancy to make sure that the condition of the property is generally the same (taking into consideration fair wear and tear). 3WEEKS BEFORE We will contact you to make arrangements to start showing prospective tenants through the property. Please ensure that the property is presented in a clean and tidy condition for inspections. We understand that there will be some disarray due to packing. • Fill out aMail Redirection Formwith Australia Post. This will ensure that any mail from people you haven’t notified will still reach you. We cannot guarantee mail redirection • Contact your utility providers (telephone, power, gas) and inform them of your moving date so that final readings can be carried out. Arrange for these services to be connected in your new home • Make a booking with an approved carpet cleaner when you knowwhen the property will be vacant Interior • All doors, walls, ceilings, floors, skirting, and window ledges and tracks must be washed and all marks, cobwebs, finger marks and dust removed • Clean windows inside and out and be sure to leave them streak-free • Don’t remove picture hooks fromwalls unless you have put them in and are required to remove them at the end of the tenancy. If this is the case you will also be required to repair and repaint the wall to its original condition • Clean cupboards inside and out • Clean light fittings and replace any missing or broken bulbs • Curtains and blinds must be washed. Rubber-backed curtains must be dry-cleaned and blinds must be in good working order • Carpets must be professionally cleaned and the receipt for this forwarded to your PropertyManager in order to receive a refund of your bond • Clean all fixtures and fittings in bathrooms and kitchens, including exhaust fans, mirrors, drawers and drains • Thoroughly clean all parts of the oven, including racks, stove top, grill, element rings and also the rangehood, the sides of and behind the stove • Sinks must be cleaned and if the property has a dishwasher this must be cleaned thoroughly inside and out • Remove scuff marks from tiled and vinyl floors • Clean all ceiling fans and air-conditioners if fitted • Clean wardrobes if applicable Exterior • Remove all rubbish from the yard and sweep pathways • Clean any oil stains on the driveway or other areas • Mow lawns, including trimming the edges, and weed garden beds and pathways • Clean gutters and down pipes • Remove all cobwebs • Clean out carports/garages and clean the walls, ceilings, floor and doors • Repair or replace torn flyscreens • Replace any broken sprinklers Planning your move