Ray White Urban Springs

Page 12 Common maintenance problems and what to check first No electricity Check fuses and safety switch located in the electrical meter box. If the safety switch has tripped, reset it. If it trips again, turn off all power points and unplug your appliances. Begin plugging in appliances one by one to find out which one is tripping the switch. If the appliance belongs to you, the repairs are your responsibility. If the appliance belongs to the owner, contact your PropertyManager who will arrange repairs. If you cannot restore power after you have checked the fuses and safety switch, check if your neighbour has power. If they do not, Western Power will be able to advise you if there are any faults in the area. Phone theWestern Power faultline on 13 13 51 (24 hour emergency line) or log on to www.westernpower.com.au – enter the postcode/suburb in the box under “power outage in your area?” If you have completed all checks and cannot find the cause of the problem, contact your PropertyManager. Hot water systems If you experience problems with a gas hot water system, check that the pilot light has not gone out. There should be instructions on the system for relighting the pilot light. You can also adjust the temperature of the water; again, check the instructions. Ovens/stoves Refer to the manual (if provided) for initial troubleshooting. If you cannot fix the problem or it is not referred to in the manual, contact your PropertyManager. Washing machines and dryers For washing machines, check the hot and cold water connection hoses and taps before calling to report a problem. Dryers will need to have the lint filter cleaned after each use. If the washing machine/dryer belongs to you, any maintenance is your responsibility. If the appliance belongs to the owner and you have checked the manual (if provided), contact your PropertyManager to arrange repairs. Blocked sinks and drains The tenant is responsible for keeping all sink, tub/shower and toilet drain lines open. Do not allow anything into the plumbing systems or use for any purpose other than for which it is designed. Sanitary products, diapers, facial tissues, condoms, cotton swabs, cigarette butts, coffee grounds, cooking fat or oils are not to be flushed down any toilet or otherwise deposited into the drain. If there is a recurring problemwith blocked sinks or drains, please advise us in writing by emailing your property manager. If you have serious storm or flood damage after hours, please contact SES 132 500