Ray White Urban Springs

Page 10 Owner’s responsibilities The owner is required to hand the property over to you in a good state of cleanliness and repair. If you have any concerns at the beginning of the tenancy, notify your PropertyManager as soon as possible so that the matter can be rectified. The owner is responsible for the maintenance of the property, including the structure and any appliances that are part of the tenancy (provided repairs are not needed because of negligence or misuse on your part). Your responsibilities You are responsible for maintaining the property in the same condition as when you moved in, and for basic household maintenance such as gardening and cleaning. You must also notify your PropertyManager of any repairs required at the property, including any appliances that are included in the lease. Prior to each routine inspection, use the opportunity to advise us of any items or areas that you believe require attention. We can then arrange repairs if necessary. If you attend the office to report maintenance please keep in mind your PropertyManager may be out. We recommend you make an appointment if you need to see the PropertyManager. Email is the best point of contact. Damage and disrepair You are liable to pay for damage or repairs that are necessary as a result of any action by you or by your visitors to the property. You must report any damage to us within three days of it occurring. Failing to report damage is a breach of your lease agreement. Swimming pools and spas You must ensure that swimming pools and spas remain in the same condition as when you moved in, and it is your responsibility to supply the appropriate chemicals for the duration of the lease. If the owner has supplied a quantity of chemicals at the beginning of the lease, you must leave a comparable quantity at the end of the lease. You cannot drain the pool. While you are renting the property you are also required to adhere to regulations regarding pools, please ensure that the gate is kept closed when not in use and contact us immediately if you believe there are any safety issues regarding the pool or spa. Locks and keys You are not allowed to install or change locks without the owner’s consent. If you lose your keys or lock yourself out of the house, keys may be collected from our office during business hours. If it is outside of normal business hours you will need to call a locksmith to let you into the house. The cost of the locksmith will be your responsibility. If you lose your keys and wish to have the locks changed, please discuss this with the PropertyManager who can consult with the owner. Replacing tap washers Please advise us of dripping taps or suspected worn washers so that we can arrange for a tradesperson to attend to the problem. Light globes All globes should be working when you move in to the property. You are responsible for replacing globes throughout the tenancy and for ensuring that all light fittings have a working globe in themwhen you vacate, unless you cannot do so safely. Please refer this to your PropertyManager. If you have fluorescent tubes that are starting to flicker or have stopped working you will usually need to replace both the tube and the starter. Notifying us of maintenance required You are not authorised to undertake any maintenance on the property yourself. RayWhite Urban Springs work to ensure that all maintenance requests are responded to within certain time-frames depending on the urgency of the problem. All maintenance should be reported in writing, preferably, via email. Maintenance Request Forms are available in the office and will also accompany inspection notification letters. Urgent maintenance Urgent items are generally those that could cause injury to the tenant or damage to the property, and may include: • Major roof leak • Gas leak or electrical fault • Burst water pipe If you consider a problem to require immediate action, please phone our office during business hours or after hours please leave a message with the pager service (08 9277 3555). We will return after hours messages. Care of lawns and gardens You are responsible for keeping gardens and lawns (including reticulation if applicable) in the same condition as when you moved in. The most important step is to water regularly on your allocated watering days. Do not drive on lawns with reticulation as you will be liable for replacing any broken sprinklers as a result. For all reticulation, try to keep sand out of the sprinklers and fix broken sprinklers as soon as possible to avoid water wastage. Please notify your property manager immediately if the reticulation stops working and water by hand until the issue is rectified. Please keep in mind you will be responsible for the cost to replace any dead plants or lawn. Maintenance