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RAMSGATE BEACH 9529 4666 | This business is independently owned and operated. DISCLAIMER: Whilst all care has been taken to ensure accuracy in the preparation of the particulars herein, no warranty can be given. If I could start the Year off with saying one thing it would be, I don’t believe my job is to just sell your property…. That is easy. My role is to deliver a premium price that would otherwise be unobtainable whilst creating pleasurable customer experiences, transparent communication and seamless sales”. The words of Charlene Lukunic, an experienced Real Estate Agent and JP located at Ramsgate Beach. Renowned for her honest and open reputation, quality of service and ethical practices, she knows the vital elements to a sale and it’s not hard to see with her exceptional results. Charlene’s testimonials and referral business speak for themselves. “Hard work pays off, always” - A motto Charlene Lukunic always stands by and with her immense contribution resulted in Ramsgate Beach office winning RateMyAgent 2018 and 2019 Agency of the Year Award. CHARLENE LUKUNIC – MORE THAN JUST PROPERTY 0477 606 080 2019 WINNING AGENCY FOR RAMSGATE BEACH