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26 ParaQuad News • Autumn 2020 Have drum kit hen Andrew’s parents gave their ten-year-old son a drum kit for Christmas, they thought it would be good exercise. He was born with cerebral palsy, and drumming looked like a good form of physical therapy. Andrew was overjoyed with his Christmas present… the neighbours, not so much. Today, those neighbours might find themselves at a gig listening to a man recognised as one of the drum world’s leading musicians, teachers and workshop leaders. Self-taught for the first eight years, Andrew had the opportunity to take lessons from ‘some of the best drummers in the country’ after moving to Melbourne as a teenager. His career began with a stint with a band in north west Tasmania. Asked how that came about, he laughs. ‘I just answered an ad in the paper!’ The musicians he auditioned with all played hard rock, and with Rick Allen of Def Leppard among his big influences, Andrew knew he was in the right place. Now endorsed by several leading brands – Pearl, Zildjian, Remo and Vic Firth - Andrew could never be accused of taking himself too seriously. This is a man who wears a T-shirt proclaiming he’s the ‘world’s okayest musician’. In fact, he has been profiled in the world’s leading music and drum magazines, from Drumscene (Australia) to Germany’s Drums and Percussion . ‘I had to Google translate!’, he said of the latter article. He believes that he gets so much coverage because he’s ‘doing something a bit different’. Andrew Hewitt is making waves in the drumming world and he wants to get the word out: music’s for everyone Get in touch with Andrew: www.drummerstix. or via Facebook: drummerstix Andrew has an ABN and can work with both plan-managed and self-managed NDIS participants …will travel W Andrew performing at Young Regional School of Music