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24 ParaQuad News • Autumn 2020 he TEK Robotic Mobilisation Device (RMD) is an assistive technology device that allows a wheelchair user to move between a sitting and a standing position. A remote control is used to move the TEK RMD to in front of the seated user, allowing them to position themselves on the device. A sling cushion is positioned under the person’s hips and a chest strap securely positions them in place. They then move to the standing position by pulling gently on the levers that activate the suspension system, which operates by means of a gas spring mechanism. The device locks securely into the standing position. The TEK RMD is designed for indoor use and allows independence and safety in sitting, standing and navigating the environment. It has a small footprint, making it ideal for small spaces within the home. What are the potential benefits? It is important to consider the research when considering the potential benefits of using such a device. The strongest research supports that standing devices may enhance communication and psychosocial wellbeing. 1,2 RESNA (Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North Offering options for mobility TEK Robotic Mobilisation Device – Amy de Paula, Clinical Programs Coordinator, Occupational Therapist, ParaQuad • Bronwyn Chandler, Occupational Therapist, ParaQuad 1 Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (2013), RESNA Position on the Application of Wheelchair Standing Devices : 2013 Current State of the Literature 2 Lifetime Care and Support Authority, Guidelines on wheelchair prescription. Supplement 1: Wheelchair features – Standing wheelchair. LTCSA editor, 2012, Sydney . T Contact ParaQuad Clinical Services: clinical.admin@ 02 8741 5689