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Interview: Craig & Chris Jollow

Of all of the outposts in the

Galaxy, how did you come to be

in Narrabri?

I was born and bred here. My

parents Jim and Christine met

over in England, lived in Sydney

for a while and Dad ended up

being a pest control man for Flick

in Moree. They moved to Narrabri

just before I was born in the mid


When you are not training your

young padawan, Marlin Vader

Ryman, what do you do for a


At the start of the financial year

I took over as the proprietor of

our family business, Narrabri Pest

Control, at which I have worked

for twenty years.

How did you become interested

in the Star Wars series that has

now been going for 38 years?

I don’t remember the first one

coming out, I was only a baby, but

I do remember the second one

and definitely the third. We lived

out on a property at Gun Club

Road and I had a friend out there

that had just about every figurine.

As a kid, my only Star Wars toy

was a Gamorrean Guard (they’re

the green, pig guys) so I guess

I was deprived of it as a child

(laughing). I remember making

Ewok Villages in the trees at home

and now my son Marlin does the

same thing! I forgot about it dur-

ing my teen years - I didn’t really

get back into Star Wars until I was

about 18 when I went to Sydney

and was waiting for a plane and

picked up a Knights of the Old

Republic comic in a newsagents.

I was hooked from there! I've

chased up just about every one.

I’ve probably got about 400 com-

ics and 250 novels now. About a

year later, a lot of the Star Wars

figurines were re-released and I

started collected them as well.

I guess I find Star Wars interesting

because although it is based in

space and is pretty far-fetched, it

also has a lot of real world conno-

tations and themes. It was ground

breaking at the time. You can

hardly watch a show, comedies

especially, that do not have a

reference to Star Wars. I think it is

deep seated in everyone now, it is

just a part of pop culture. It’s got

to the point where even in Year

12 literature they are reading Star

Wars novels... (laughing). I hated

English at school but now I’d get

extra credits! Go figure.

I’m not sure exactly what it was

that spurred my interest but I

mean how cool was it?... Light sa-

bres, aliens... and it’s set in an old

used universe, nothing's new. It

looks like it’s been there forever, it

just seemed to fit. You look at the

movies at the time as well.



a little bit after that... and



came out the same

year as Star Wars I think. The

difference between those movies

and Star Wars in the Sci Fi genre

is huge. I mean in Star Wars you

had a whole galaxy of aliens that

seemed much more real!

Director, George Lucas realised

when making the first film Star

Wars (aka “Star Wars Episode IV:

Anew Hope”) – that he couldn’t

tell the story in one movie but

it would evolve over 3 trilogies

from 1977 to 2019. How does a

Star Wars fan keep track?

Well the good thing about Star

Wars is that it is multimedia... it’s

not just the films, you have com-

ics, novels, animation and games!

There is a lot of Star Wars stories

out there with back stories of the

film's characters. There are even

novels that are set 5,000 years be-

fore the time of Darth Vader.

No-one really knows what is

coming up as Disney has bought

the rights to the next three films

and will make changes to George

Lucas’ original screenplays.

Who is your favourite character

and what sets them apart?

The good thing about Star Wars is

that there are so many. It is mainly

the story of Darth Vader, his rise,

his fall and his ultimate redemp-

tion, but my son and I like Boba

Fett and the Mandalorians.

When it comes to Boba Fett, he

operates in a universe where

there are all these super heroes

using the Force and doing amaz-

ing things, a bit like Superman

and those sort of guys, whereas

Boba Fett just has a tool for eve-

rything and is always prepared.

He’s a bit like Batman. He’s not

super, he’s just a man but he gets

super things done. And he’s a

bounty hunter!

The Mandalorians are an ancient

warlord race that seem to have

a biff with everyone. Jango Fett

was the last Mandalorian and was

cloned because of his abilities.

Boba Fett is an unaltered clone of

Jango and the "Clone Troopers"

featured in Episode II were also

cloned from Jango. I like them

because there they are an ancient

and mysterious race, they all have

masks and fly around on jetpacks.

What’s not to like!

The first trilogy (1977 - 1983) is

arguably a better trilogy than

the Prequel trilogy set from

1999 -2005. What are your

thoughts on this matter?

I don’t think there is any argument

there. I agree with that. The story

is told in the second trilogy and it

is a good story, but I think the ac-

tors were just told to act badly. It

would be hard to aim for a focus

group, you’ve got the diehard

old fans who want to be pleased

and then you have also have to

produce a movie that is liked by a

new younger audience. And you

have do this in a PG Rating .

It’s hard to pinpoint why it wasn’t

as good as the first trilogy. I mean

it’s still Star Wars, it’s still good!

You could get George Lucas up

there on screen in his dressing

gown and people would still go

and watch it! I think the downfall

was that it didn’t seem to bring

anything new, it just seemed to

repeat a lot of old themes. Plus

the universe didn’t look used,

everything was new and shiny. I

think that spoilt it a bit.

The 3rd trilogy starting with

‘The Force Awakens ‘ is to be re-

leased in December of this year.

What are you anticipating?

Well the old story continues with...

Hang on... do we need a spoiler


(Laughing) No, I don’t think so.

I really don’t know. I haven’t

researched it at all... But the way it

used to go was that Han Solo and

Princess Leia had twins, Jaina and

Jacen Solo, who were both Force

sensitive. Jacen decided that he

would take the Dark Side down

from the inside but he ends up

leon ryman - jedi master

In a backyard not so far, far away, local Jedi Master, Leon

Ryman, puts his young padawan through his paces. And when

the Sith Overlords set their sights upon Narrabri, no doubt they

will have a Force to be reckoned with...

photo: john burgess

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O-Ry Man Kenobi with his young padawan, Marlin Vader

photo: john burgess