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Situated on the shores of spectacular

Waterloo Bay and known for its rugged,

scenic coastline and as a great place for

fishing, swimming, surfing and bush walking.

Set between rolling hills and some of the

most spectacular and dramatic coastline on

the Eyre Peninsula, the town is now a centre

for a cereal-growing, mixed-farming and

fishing community.

An RV dump point has been installed near

the Information Centre and is maintained

by the District Council.

Population: 377 (soars to 1,500 during

peak season)


Matthew Flinders sailed past Waterloo Bay

in 1802, naming the Waldegrave Islands

and Anxious Bay. The bay was later named

Waterloo Bay in 1865 on the Golden Jubilee

of the Battle of Waterloo, hence the names

Wellington Point and Wellesley Point at its


On land, Edward John Eyre explored the

area, naming Lake Newland in 1840. Settlers

took up holdings some time around 1847.

Elliston was planned and named by Governor

Jervois in 1878, some say after Ellen Liston,

a governess for a local pioneering family but

it is more likely that it was named after Sir

Samuel Burdon Ellis, a friend of Governor

Jervois or possibly Sir Henry Walton Ellis, who

died of wounds in the Battle of Waterloo.

Elliston became the central port for

the region from which the early settlers

transported their wool and wheat by sailing

vessels and later steamships. Road transport

took over after 1965. Since then Elliston has

established itself as an important centre for

the surrounding area with farming, fishing

and tourism providing the main sources of

employment and business opportunities.

Australian Salmon Fishing


Welcome to our

district, home of the

Australian Salmon Fishing

Championship. Held June,

July and August annually.

For more information please visit


Elliston Community Hall - Mural

Finished in 1992 and repainted in 2014,

the mural was painted by the community

under the guidance of artists Siv Grava and

John Turpie. Smaller murals on the old shop

and the front beach public toilets were also

commissioned. The main mural depicts the

life of Elliston, taking in both the maritime

and rich agricultural heritage.

Elliston Trudinger Park

Playground and Skatepark

Enjoy the shade and facilities which include a

barbecue and play equipment.

Named as a tribute to Dr Trudinger who

served our community for over 18 years.

Elliston Jetty

Heritage listed because of its steel pylons

screwed directly into the sea floor using a

horse drawn winch, the 424m jetty is great

for a walk or fishing. Dusk is the time to catch

Australian herring (tommy ruffs) with squid,

garfish and trevally being caught. The jetty is

lit at night with solar powered lights.

Elliston Clifftop Drives

Breathtaking scenic views on both loops.

The roads to both sections are part bitumen

and part gravel, they are regularly maintained

and provide a good surface for conventional


• Little Bay Clifftop Drive; from the lookout

take in the superb view of the outlying

islands, including Top Gallant Isles,

Flinders Island, Pearson Island and part of

Waldegrave Island. Bird Rock, Waterloo

Bay, the Elliston township, the silos and the

farmland beyond can also be seen from the


• Anxious Bay Clifftop Drive; includes

Anxious Bay views as well as the islands and

Blacks surf spot. It has the added attraction

of sculptures dotted along the cliffs.

See map opposite for more information.

Anxious Bay & Waldegrave

Island Conservation Park

King George whiting and crayfish are just

some of the catch from this clean and unspoilt

bay. Waldegrave Islands Conservation Park

is a sanctuary for Cape Barren geese, fairy

penguins, sea lions and other wildlife. Anxious

Bay is appropriately named - we recommend

you seek local advice on boating sizes and

conditions before you venture out.


Bramfield was the original township of the

Elliston district. Cobb and Co stopped here

on their way to Colton from Port Lincoln.

The area is known for its two orchards

producing organically grown fruit and nuts

which are available for sale locally. Driving

west, watch for the first glimpse of shining

Waterloo Bay and the islands beyond - a truly

wonderful sight!

Bramfield Cemetery

This is the burial place of many early settlers

as Bramfield was regarded as the local town

in the days before Elliston grew to take

its place. Look for the grave of Mr William

Griffiths Tree who was a local land owner

and a shearer. Mr Tree had his headstone

made by Tilletts Memorials in Adelaide at

least two years before his death at Elliston

on 21st July 1959. Except for the date of

his death, Mr Tree arranged for some of his

history to be engraved on it, returning to

Tilletts on at least ten occasions to update

the information. His shearing tallies were all

achieved with the art of the blade shears.