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Business Focus May 2016



Our Newest Gold Member




The City of Bunbury recently undertook

a community survey around the proposed

Cultural Precinct and Multilevel Car Park

on the existing South’s car park.

Undercover multilevel parking on this

site will be a great addition however I

don’t think the proposed retail space is

the best use of the space on the ground

level, which in the CBD would be better

concentrated on existing retail areas

including Victoria Street.

A higher use and significant plus for the

city would be a contemporary art gallery

that would enable us to showcase some

of the pieces in the City of Bunbury Art

Collection which are mostly packed away

and unseen by the public.

It would also enable us to showcase some

of the fantastic private collections in our

region as well as travelling exhibitions that

may be accessible from time to time.

It would link well with the street art

created through Andrew Frasers’

Rediscover Bunbury and could contribute

significantly to the sustainability of the

Bunbury Regional Art Galleries (BRAG).

I would suggest that BRAG should

also run the only café on the site as an

additional income stream and perhaps a

rooftop greenspace that could double as a

contemplative experience, events location

and evening rooftop bar.

Arts and culture are a significant

economic opportunity in our region as

they have been in other locations such

as Tasmania where the MONA Gallery

has been a major contributor to tourist

visitation. So a multilevel car park is good

but a purpose designed contemporary art

gallery with a multilevel car park could be

great for our city and region.

Can you think of a business you have all

heard of, which operates four local stores

with 530 employees in the Bunbury area?

That business is McDonald’s and the

Chamber is pleased to introduce franchisee

David Eagles as the newest Gold Member

of the Chamber.

David is originally from Sydney and he

started out as a youngster flipping burgers

for Macca’s.

After 13 years working his way up the

ranks on the east coast he became a

franchise consultant, and then he headed

west in 2009 to run the Esperance

store. Within five years the store had

100 employees and David had become

president of the Esperance Chamber of


By 2014 the Eagles decided it was time to

head further west. They moved to Bunbury

and through a series of acquisitions they

now own four local stores – Parks Centre,

Bunbury Forum, Treendale and the latest

addition in Dalyellup.

Through his career David has seen the

business move with the times, with the

McCafes introduced in the 1990’s and

coffee now a large component of the

business. While healthier options such as

salads have been introduced to the menu,

David acknowledges some of the food is

for convenience, special occasions or a

treat once a week.

When Dalyellup opened in November

2015 it revealed the first Burger Bar in the

State, where customers can choose their

burger ingredients.

As a Chamber Member and former

president of the Esperance Chamber,

David has an affinity with Chambers of

Commerce, and sees them as a conduit

between business and government.

“They are a fantastic networking

organisation, both formally and informally,

and can address trade issues,” he said.

“I’ve made some great contacts through

the Chamber.”

Running a seven-day-a-week business

means McDonalds requires the support of

many local businesses including tradies

and landscapers.

“We support local businesses so we use

locals unless no-one can do the job, so

then we go to Perth, but overwhelmingly

the majority of our expenditure goes to

local businesses,” he said.

President David Kerr

South West Tourist Services (SWTS)

is a Bunbury-based operator providing

tours to scenic destinations in the

Geographe, South West, Great

Southern, Mandurah-Peel and Perth-

Fremantle regions.

As a small business SWTS is flexible

about personalising tours and will pick-

up passengers in a quiet, comfortable

passenger van at their homes or hotels

within the Greater Bunbury area.

Brian says the Bunbury Geographe

Region offers a unique blend of

beaches, dolphins, art galleries, scenic

forests, gnomes, wineries, breweries,

cideries, restaurants, orchards,

biodynamic/organic farms, charming

country towns with character and

affordable accommodation and farm


Tours range from five hours up to four

days including accommodation. SWTS

specialise in one-day Wine Tours to the

Ferguson Valley, Geographe, Margaret

River and Cape Naturaliste wine


Packaged tours are listed on the website

Brian’s vision is to provide exceptional

value to local residents, their families

and friends, and to visitors to our


“Let’s Tour the South West!”

Brian Rettinger -

South West Tourist