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Business Focus May 2016



Business South West is the Small Business Centre with two decades of experience

providing business advisory services, workshops and seminars across the region.

Business South West Bunbury is located in Chamber House at 15 Stirling Street in

Bunbury’s CBD. The Busselton office is located at 1/14 Burler Road in Vasse. The

Manjimup Office is located at 50 Giblett Street.

For more information about seminars or workshops and free business advice call

Courtney on 9791 2666 or email a message to




Iain Massey

Contact Iain Massey for help with boards.

Details here:

Effective Advertising & Marketing Strategies Part 2.......June 15, 12noon to 1:30pm

Effective Advertising & Marketing Strategies Part 3.......June 22, 12noon to 1:30pm

Boards for the Boardless


Board Changes At SWDC

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Bunbury Chamber of

Commerce and Industries

Servicing local businesses and

the community since 1888

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“If you’re not in business for fun or profit,

what are you doing here?” That was the

subtitle of a management book long ago.

It remains a fair question.

Far too many business owners tell me,

behind closed doors, that their businesses

really don’t give them much fun or profit.

They feel stuck, and although they may be

paying the bills (that’s wages), they don’t

have any over to re-invest in the business

or in other assets (that’s profit).

Mostly, those businesses need to grow.

Not to take over the world necessarily,

but to generate prosperity and lifestyle

for the owners, employment opportunities

for others, maybe an asset for the next


How? First rule: you don’t do it all on

your own. The truly successful businesses

have many inputs of fresh thinking and

fresh perspective.

A good board, for example, is a think-tank

and a proving ground for fresh ideas.

But what if a board, or even an advisory

board, is way beyond your capacity right


Turn to your peers. A well-structured,

well-led peer advisory circle has been

shown to produce extraordinary results.

You can access the best of what the best

boards do for their companies, even in the

smallest business.

Contact me to find out more.

Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan is a new

local government representative on the

South West Development Commission

(SWDC) Board and existing board

member, Bannister Downs Dairy

Managing Director Sue Daubney is the

new deputy chairman.

Former Busselton Mayor Ian Stubbs has

left the board after stepping down from his

role on council.

SWDC chairman Stuart Hicks welcomed

the new appointments and said he looked

forward to the new-look board getting

together for their first board meeting.

The SWDC Board is the governing body

responsible to the Regional Development

Minister for setting the direction and

priorities of the Commission.

It has nine members selected from

community and local government

nominations, as well as Ministerial


The Commission’s Chief Executive

Officer Don Punch, who has announced

he will soon be retiring from the position,

also serves on the board, rounding out the

total number of board members to 10.

SWDC is part of the West Australian

Government and operates from the Ninth

Floor of the Bunbury Tower.

It aims to make the South West region a

better place to live, work and invest, with

boosting the economy and improving

quality of life key areas of focus.