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Business Focus May 2016



The View From Townsville

Thanks to Business Station, a not-for-

profit provider of enterprise development

services in the metropolitan area, the

Chamber in partnership with Business

South West took a very late opportunity to

host an Innovation Sundowner on May 19.

The team from Business Station brought

their special guest Simon Millcock, the

Economic Development Manager City

of Townsville who shared some of the

innovative and successful businesses being

encouraged in Townsville and in the USA.

Simon is also the Chairman of the

Queensland State Practitioner Network

for Economic Development Australia.

He described how the City of Townsville

Futures Plan “recognises and supports

creative industry as an economic driver

that is an integral element of Townsville’s

development by including it in economic

development strategies for the city”.

It was interesting to learn how the

Townsville Council supported business

groups to travel overseas to look at

innovation opportunities in creative

industries as well as sponsoring relevant

speakers for networking events.

The council was also very active partnering

with the local university, small business

centre and chamber to deliver business

development skills, a creative industries

cluster and an ICT business precinct.

It was a timely reminder of the globally

competitive environment that we operate in

and great to see the people who attended at

very short notice.

Everything is moving faster nowadays and

the Chamber will continue to take these

opportunities to increase our knowledge as

they come available.



Kelsen HR is a niche Human Resources

Consultancy that has recently relocated

to Dunsborough.

Servicing Perth and the South West

region for over three years, Kelsen

HR’s Director and Associates have

many years of experience, servicing a

wide range of industry sector clients.

At Kelsen HR we understand what

is needed to create a harmonious and

productive work environment and

through sound HR practices, we assist

clients to maximise the return on their

people investment by bringing out the

best in their employee’s performance.

We assist clients through:

1..Enabling them to understand their

strategic HR needs today and into the


2..Reviewing their existing HR practices

and, where necessary, develop HR

policies to ensure they are legislatively

compliant and in line with best practice.

3..Prepare employee contracts of


4..Conduct salary reviews to ensure

their employees are fairly (not under or

over) paid within the market in which

they work.

5..Provide on-going HR assistance and

advice as issues/matters arise in the


Our website is




Kelsen HR

Simcoa Operations GM Production Drew Harris and GM Marketing and

Administration David Miles were some of the Chamber members and their guests who

attended the recent Lunch Box with three-times Olympic Gold Medalist and world

record-breaking swimmer Stephanie Rice as our guest speaker.

The audience had the opportunity to ask Stephanie questions on both her sporting and

business achievements, and everyone enjoyed the honest and entertaining way she

shared her worldly experiences, challenges and the extreme ability she possesses to get

that extra mile out of herself.

The Chamber partnered with Quit Bunbury Speedway to bring Stephanie to Bunbury

for the benefit of the business community as well as the general community.

A sundowner was held on the same day to give the sporting community an opportunity

to interact with Stephanie and this was a very special opportunity, especially with only

a short time to go until the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

A special thanks to our sponsors for this event - Alcoa, The West Australian Regional

Newspapers and Healthway.